You can reach us at ArgenisWithoutBorders{at}!

So, I bring you: Argenis Without Borders 2.0!

We met our $1k goal in under an hour and we're halfway to $5k!

Argenis WILL be wearing a Ted costume but we need your help!

Click HERE to take a 1-question survey on his costume!

Why should you donate?

  • Doctors Without Borders is a phenomenal organization!
  • You want to see your favorite SQL peeps in costumes or dancing or getting SQL tattoos!
  • Your donation is tax deductible!
  • If we reach $10k Argenis & I will take 1 random donor to get a PS4 or XBox at Summit! (We had around 120 donors last year ... that's pretty good odds)

Me: We HAVE to get this for Argenis!!
<laughter, chaos>
Argenis: I am NOT wearing that.
Kirsten: I WILL get you into that hoodie. I'll give you $20.
Argenis: Keep your money. Give it to charity.

Light Bulb!!! It started here.

We decided to try and raise $1,000 for Doctors Without Borders and if we could manage that, he'd sport the hoodie. At the time this seemed like an impossible goal. This is when I met my #SQLFamily and underwent a life paradigm shift. John Morehouse informed me that one could set up a custom fundraiser via the DwoB site and in 10 minutes we were in business. I met so many people through running the fundraiser that I can't even list them all, but it was the start of many new friendships and access to a vast and deep network of knowledge. Some people who I idolized (and still do) even offered to help with the fundraiser and it really took off.  If you're reading this you probably know the rest of the story ... we blew past $1,000, raised over $13,000, and Argenis wore the hoodie at the PASS Summit. 

I never divulged exactly how I chose our "Champions" last year (A Champion is a community member who joined the fun, promoted the fundraiser through Twitter, blogs, and word of mouth, and wore a variety of rainbow accoutrements to Summit). I chose the names that had been my Periodic Table for all those years I had struggled alone, deep in the trenches, and when their name popped up I would think Oh thank god! A quality article!!

You probably have no idea how much you help the up and coming ranks with your blogs and forum posts. It's time consuming and thankless, and I wanted to thank them somehow ... by having them wear Rainbow Fluffies!

One day, a friend texted me a link where I stumbled on the Unicorn Hoodie that Argenis sported at the PASS Summit last year. This rainbow ... thing ... loaded in my browser; I started laughing maniacally and gleefully pasted it into our database Slack channel.

As you might see, I don't blog much. I still want to give back and this is one way that I can - by bringing people together, spreading the word about this amazing and unique community that's vibrant and helpful and growing. If this can get just a few more people active on Twitter or attending SQL Saturdays, it's a win. We asked the same crew to dress up again (most can and the few who aren't cannot make it to Summit this year) and we added a few new faces to boot!

Before Argenis Fernandez rescued me from a mediocre job and airlifted me over to SurveyMonkey, I had no bearings for the direction of my career. I didn't even have a public voice or knowledge of #SQLFamily, because my former company had a draconian social media policy and I valued self-preservation over 140 character mini-blogs. PASS was merely an abstract concept and I knew industry names only if they frequently popped up in Google searches: Phil Factor, Strate, Machanic, Fritchey, Randal ... for years these were my Periodic Table of survival but they had no faces or stories behind them!

In a fit of defiance against the regime I created a twitter account and set it public. Soon thereafter I got a direct message from someone named Argenis asking if I was job hunting. "What a bizarre name," I thought. "Is this guy for real?" Fast forward seven months and we were coworkers. He was for real!

My reaction to things that intimidate me is to poke them with sticks and Argenis sits squarely in that bracket. Couple that with his no-nonsense demeanor, refusal to be easily impressed, and razor-edged bluntness, and I knew that this man needs to be regularly tormented! Luckily I knew just the right girl for the job.